Research projects

Current and evidence based research underpins FACE.
We provide our FACE members with access to new research results so you are as up to date as possible. You are informed about research project’s from universities and the community and the outcomes are shared.  FACE members work collaboratively to ensure that research recommendations are distributed to industry, government, workers and the community. Research implications are then able to be integrated into company strategy, policy and procedures with wider gains for all.

FACE supports and promotes the following current research projects:

YFRONTS is an iPhone app designed to reduce stigma around depression and suicide among the FIFO male workforce in Australia. Please support the FIFO community and Adam Gale (FACE member) who volunteers his time at Beyond Blue and is involved in this project by telling FIFO workers about the app. 
Who knows somebody impacted by mental stress or illness? ‎Join the Battle to smash the Myths around Depression, Anxiety & Stress with Blokes in FIFO.
Just as we can all be physically wounded or injured, just as we all bleed red, we can be mentally injured. Looking at mental wounds in a different way and taking action can save our mates lives and make work & play so much more enjoyable.
Check out Y-Fronts – built by Men for Men.
Download the app.
Participate in the baseline survey:
Please promote and share if you want to make FIFO life a better life for you, your mates and those worth fighting for.


Murdoch University Research Project    In 2013, Murdoch University started another FIFO research study investigating FIFO because such working arrangements are typical antecedents reported to contribute to the development of Work-Family Conflict (WFC). FIFO workers may be more likely to experience depression, anxiety and stress due to the extended disconnect from family and friends.

Pregnancy in the context of Fly-In Fly-Out work  and lifestyle ADesign2 preg mum waits for hi viz man 2     The University of Western Australia responded to the 2013 Cancer of the Bush or Salvation of the Cities report on Rural Australia by supporting world first research to investigate pregnancy health (mental and physical) and social support for pregnant women who work FIFO or pregnant women who have a partner working FIFO.

FIFO well-being and help-seeking (accessing support)
Edith Cowan University is researching FIFO workers mental health, individual differences and employment conditions, how workers access support when they need it, the effects of work-place culture on mental health and the associated stigma. Please contact Philippa Vojnovic, School of Business, Centre for Innovative Practice at if you would like to learn more and be informed of research results.

Fly-in-fly-out families’ experience of mental health and relationship problems during pregnancy
This study uses data from an Australian pregnancy cohort study ( to examine mental health and relationship adjustment in FIFO and non-FIFO men and their partners during pregnancy.  It is of interest to know if these families report higher rates of mental health difficulties (anxiety, depression or stress), couple or family relationship difficulties, and job dissatisfaction. Contact Dawson Cooke for more information

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