FACE recognises the work and contributions of the following organisations:

Act Belong Commit    A community-based health promotion campaign since 2005 to encourage people to take action to improve their mental health and wellbeing. This evidence-based campaign was developed primarily from knowledge of people’s perceptions of mental health and the behaviours they believed protected and promoted good mental health. Funded by Healthway and the Mental Health Commission and supported by Curtin University in WA. Aims to extend the reach of the Act-Belong-Commit positive mental health promotion message reach of the campaign to schools, worksites and primary and/or clinical care settings to increase the number of partners from 100 to 200. Example of output: brochure produced in partnership with KEMH, A guide for New Mums (one of a series: Mental Healthy WA)

Chamber of Minerals and Energy WA   This peak resources sector representative body in Western Australia since 1901 has formed a Working Group for Mental Health in their Workplace Health and Safety Portfolio. That portfolio is responsible for working with industry to identify and manage inherent hazards/risks, promoting research, implementing industry wide technology solutions and working closely with government to ensure the regulatory regime is streamlined, transparent and formalises a best practice risk based approach. Of importance is their commitment to sharing: Lessons learned from unwanted events and finding strategies to improve Fitness to Operate, emotional wellbeing and suicide awareness. In 2014 the CME CEO said: “Despite recent assertions that there may be a higher occurrence of mental health issues associated with FIFO employment, research is yet to find any substantial evidence in support….Every suicide is a tragic loss with far-reaching impacts.  As a community we must all work together to reduce the prevalence…..”

Mates in Construction   A community development organisation aimed at reducing suicide and improving mental health and wellbeing within the Australian Construction industry. Established in Queensland in 2008, MATES in Construction is a federation of independent industry based MATES in Construction organisation in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.
Offers Mates in Construction (MIC) program of workplace training and support that uses training as tool to raise awareness that there is a problem with suicide and its contributing risk factors in our industry and we can all be part of the solution. The model for support has 5 themes managed via training, clear pathways and case management processes that ensure that workers in need of support are connected to appropriate help, toolbox talks, presence at site events, regular visits to the site office and crib huts with poster, stickers and on-site visits by field officers to support the site and its workers in an ongoing presence until the site closes. The MIC program is not an inoculation against suicide.  Postvention support has been designed to help those grieving after a suicide and to ensure they can access appropriate help and support.

This FIFO Life   A website launched 12 September 2014 with information and links for people who commute long distances for work and their families to learn more about mental health; funded by the WA Mental Health Commission; written and developed by mental health professionals, Julie Loveny and Sue Crock. Rhys Conner was interviewed for This FIFO Life and generously shared his experiences as a FIFO worker in the construction industry. Tragically, on 25th July 2013 Rhys took his own life. Mining and resource companies have a responsibility to provide mentally healthy workplaces and some have excellent mental health initiatives that are shared on the website.



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