About us

About us: 
FIFO Australian Community of Excellence (FACE) is the essential organisation to share knowledge associated with work practices described as Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO), long distance commute to work and working away usually related to mineral and energy exploration, construction and production.

FACE is an independent not-for-profit association created to promote and advance non-standard work practices via collaboration with like-minded individuals and companies.

FACE facilitates on-going dialogue with policy makers, academia, students, service providers, government, not-for-profit organisations and the public to advance knowledge translation through reciprocal partnerships.

The values of FACE are:
•fair to all
•use the truth
•build goodwill
•beneficial to all

*FIFO (Fly-In Fly-Out) includes Bus-In Bus-Out (BIBO), Drive-In Drive-Out (DIDO), working away and all types of long distance commute work practices, usually but not exclusively, related to the energy, minerals and associated construction industries.

FIFO Australian Community of Excellence ~ Mission to share ~ Vision to learn iStock_000057533000)mulitculturalgroup
• Fly-In Fly-Out work practices
• Emotional well-being
• Health and safety
• Industry and economics
• International issues
• Politics and policy
• Social and physical impact

The FACE network will:
1. Facilitate partnerships based on respectful reciprocal relationships
2. Provide an independent repository of FIFO/DIDO/BIBO/LDC information
3. Make available evidence-based FIFO research results to all members of the community
4. Foster knowledge exchange and collaborate to produce policy guidelines
5. Recognise Australian FIFO achievements nationally & internationally
6. Maintain a register of experts in mentoring and FIFO research

Please visit our constitution to learn more: FACE constitution 
FACE constitution