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Lorili Jacobs FACE co-convenor, awarded prestigious Community Award by Public Health Association (WA Branch) in November 2016

The award acknowledges the achievements and contributions of outstanding public health professionals and organisations. Awards are presented annually to members of the public health community and organisations that have shown a strong commitment to public health practice in Western Australia. Lorili received this award for her health research which developed free Australian Resources Workplace Pregnancy Toolkits for Women and Men, available on the facenetwork.com.au home page. As such, Lorili is a role model and is inspiring in her efforts to collaborate with members of the community for knowledge translation. 

lorili-award-1 lorili-award-3

FACE AGM and networking event: 30th of November 2016

The FACE executive committee held the 2016 Annual General Meeting. 
A networking event followed at 6.30-7.30pm.

What is the FACE network? FACE is a non-profit association of researchers, 3D rendered illustration of puzzle pieces in shades of blue, coming together, isolated in white backgroundworkers, policy makers, service providers and community members interested in all elements of Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO), long-distance commute work, health and lifestyle usually related to mineral and energy exploration, construction or production. As an independent multidisciplinary network, FACE has been created to promote and advance sustainable FIFO work practices via collaboration with like-minded individuals and businesses. Our organisation facilitates on-going dialogue nationally and internationally to advance knowledge through mutually beneficial relationships.

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Expertise of FACE include and extend beyond: ADesign7 hi viz worker with roll on bag at airport departures
• Fly-In Fly-Out work practices
• Emotional well-being
• Health and safety
• Industry and economics
• International issues
• Politics and policy
• Social and physical impact

What FACE membership can do for you?
• Access to evidence based research
• Business Outreach opportunities, access to new research, education on issues effecting FIFO, events including workshops and social networking function – discuss words with Exec
• Community connection and knowledge translation

The FACE network will:
1. Facilitate partnerships based on respectful reciprocal relationships
2. Provide an independent repository of FIFO/DIDO/BIBO information through our on-line library
3. Make available evidence-based FIFO data to non-tertiary stakeholders
4. Recognise Australian FIFO achievements nationally & internationally
5. Foster knowledge exchange and collaborate to produce policy
6. Maintain a register of people with expertise in mentoring and FIFO research